Request for Proposals North Dakota STEM Ecosystem

Title: Regional STEM Days for Students

Goal/Purpose: To encourage educational entities and business/industry partners to participate in STEM activities/projects for K-12 students within each of the five designated ND STEM Ecosystem Regions. (Map)

Eligible Recipients: K-12 districts, Area Career and Technology Centers, REA’s, Universities and other entities who directly impact K-12 education.

Proposal Deadline: The application period has closed. Each year, our grant program opens in the fall, with an application deadline at the end of December. Grants are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. If two applications are not received for a region by the date listed above, additional applications from a previously funded regions will be accepted. Subsequent applications will be reviewed on a continuing basis. No applications will be approved after March 1, 2020.

Total Funds Available: Determined each year by the Board of Directors

Allocation of Funds: Grant requests may not exceed $3,500. Projects may begin upon approval. Approved projects will be funded on a reimbursement basis. All approved projects must be completed, and all invoices dated, no later than May 15, 2020. Final reports and reimbursement claims will be due 30 days after project completion.

Expenditures: Funds may be used for the following: Presenter travel and fees, activity supplies, transportation of students, facility rental, etc. Funds may NOT be used for food, clothing or for purposes of supplanting state and local funds and thus cannot be used to fund existing programs.
Selection Criteria: All applications will be reviewed using the following criteria: Appropriateness of project, completeness of application, number of schools involved within the region, and number of students engaged in STEM activities. Priority will be given to previously funded entities with proven success.

Application Format: Applications should not exceed three pages, 12 pt. font. Please include the following:

  1. Description: The description should include the following: Target/start date, details of how the grant funds will be used (including any matching funds), who the target participants will be (grade level, M/F, schools and districts), the business partners (if applicable) and the contact person.
  2. State forms: Complete and attach the following forms: SFN 15275, Funding Application Budget, SFN 15274, Funding Application Cover Sheet and SFN 15263 and Equipment and Instructional Materials to the application. Forms must be signed by a person with spending authorization. These forms can be found at and will not count against the three-page limit.

Required Final Report must include the following: A brief (one half to one page) description of activities, outcomes, and number of students and schools involved. A complete and satisfactory Final Report must be received prior to final reimbursement.

Send to:
Don Fischer, Supervisor
Technology and Engineering Education
Department of Career and Technical Education
600 East Boulevard Ave., Department 270
Bismarck, ND 58505-0610

Download the 2020 Regional Event RFP here.

A list of past grant awards can be found here.