STEM Network Announces: STEM Ecosystem

Achieving the STEM Ecosystem classification allows us to unify STEM opportunities for all North Dakotans.


“Advance all students as problem solvers and lifelong learners through STEM.”

The North Dakota STEM Ecosystem is guided by the following Design Principles:

  1. The ND STEM Ecosystem will be the statewide resource to improve STEM access for all North Dakotans.
  2. The ND STEM Ecosystem will engage industry, community and education systems to address workforce challenges and STEM literacy.
  3. The ND STEM Ecosystem promotes a lifelong learning environment to develop employability and life skills and connect passion with opportunity.
  4. The ND STEM Ecosystem will be accountable by addressing the STEM education needs of North Dakota and disseminating results through website and social media outlets on a regular basis.