About the ND STEM Ecosystem

The North Dakota STEM Ecosystem seeks to facilitate high-quality learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics related fields for students across North Dakota.

The ND STEM Exchange is a collaboration of stakeholders who work at PK-12 Schools, Non-Profits, REA’s, Business & Industry, Institutes of Higher Education, Federal Government & Research Labs, Faith Based Community Organizations, Museums & Informal STEM Education, and State & Local Government, and we seek uniform participation from all sectors.

The goals of the Exchange include:

  • Pursue policies and funding to support STEM education.
  • Increase high school graduation rates and increase the number that are prepared to pursue STEM degrees, certifications, and careers.
  • Connect STEM assets, increase awareness and demand for STEM education.
  • Eliminate demographical/geographical barriers and make STEM truly for all.
  • Supports educators in these areas: STEM Integration, Project-Based Learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The Engineering Design Process and Inquiry-Based Learning, Research Experiences and Real-World Summer Work Experiences in STEM Professions.

The ND STEM Ecosystem recognizes four quadrants in the state, and in each, STEM leaders have volunteered to participate periodic community meetings to engage the interested on how as a collaboration, we can work together to get more teachers outfitted with STEM skills that produce the learning that our employers are seeking.